Stefan Rosander

“Throughout my 24 years as a qualified chiropractor, I have followed, and been involved in, the development of chiropractic and healthcare in general. This triggered my interest in providing people with a greater understanding of their bodies through chiropractic. I want to help people to enjoy exercise, to help them to exercise more effectively and in ways that are better adapted for the individual –partly to be more healthy, partly to prevent injury, and to also rebuild strength and function following injuries. After an accident where I broke my spine, I know the importance of proper personalised training.”


More about Stefan

Stefan runs Kiropraktikhälsan in Stockholm, along with ongoing international assignments. He has also worked as a teacher at the Scandinavian College of Chiropractic for many years.

Netti Arzt

“I’ve practised and studied yoga for 15 years, and love travelling around the world to get inspiration for my yoga. My vision is to combine yoga’s various elements and as a personal trainer, provide my clients with the tools they need to train themselves. Together with every client, I focus on anatomical and physiological characteristics, bodily and mental awareness and breathing. I’ve had a disc operation myself, and my back was stiff and irritable for a long time after surgery until I discovered yoga. As a form of exercise, yoga has helped me regain the physical and balanced condition I want. With a fully functioning body, you’re a happier person with happier thoughts –everything’s connected. Everyone can do yoga, even the people who don’t think they can!”


More about Netti

Netti is a Yoga Alliance-qualified instructor, and she has also taken several additional qualifications as well as workshops in Personal training, Yin yoga, Vinyasa, anatomy and biomechanics.

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